Following a car accident, you must document the incident with law enforcement. All drivers must notify the police if it results in death, bodily injury, or property damage that exceeds $750, according to NRS 484E.030.

There are three ways to file a police report in Nevada after a car accident: online, via phone, or in person. You can file an accident report online through the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. There is an intake form that will ask you a series of questions, and then you will be given access to the Citizen Online Reporting System to make your statement.

Alternatively, suppose you prefer reporting your accident in person. In that case, visit your local police station to file a report or consider calling ahead, completing a report, and making a statement over the phone.

Do I Have to Call the Police to the Scene?

In minor car accidents, you typically don’t have to call the police to the crash scene. In this situation, you can exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver and coordinate any vehicle damage with your insurance company. You can file a report online, via phone, or in person at your local police station.

You must immediately report this to law enforcement when a more severe car accident involves property damage, bodily injury, or death. In any accident over $750, it’s wise to call the police to the crash scene to avoid legal trouble such as hit-and-run speculation.

Failure to follow these results might lead to license suspension or an added sentence if you were the at-fault driver and caused any injury.

Can I Wait to File an Accident Report?

You have approximately ten days from the car crash date to file your police report. There is not much wiggle room outside of this window. It is helpful to consult with an attorney post-car accident to ensure you submit all the correct information that will be useful in a police report and later in a personal injury case.

An example of the critical information you will want to include is a copy of insurance, an estimate of repairs to your vehicle, and any medical records related to your injuries. A crash report or SR-1 Report of Traffic Accident will also include all the people involved in the crash, including passengers, vehicle owner information, a description of the scene, and other details related to the crash.

Should I Contact an Attorney After a Car Accident?

In a car accident case with so many moving parts, an attorney can help organize the chaos for you. We will gather information and evidence, speak with law enforcement and negotiate with your insurance company to prevent you from taking the wrong settlement for your injuries.

Another important fact, an attorney can help prove liability or fault and represent you in a trial if you sustained any serious injuries or harm that changed your quality of life. From assessing accident-related expenses and any future medical costs to arranging medical treatment, an experienced Las Vegas attorney will be valuable to succeeding in a car accident case.

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