As personal injury cases can take months—sometimes years—to resolve, attorneys often work with clients on a contingency basis. Most personal injury lawyers accept a percentage of payment if they win the case.

Contingency fees make it affordable for injured victims to obtain legal counsel as they often pay for medical debt and other expenses related to the accident. It’s a good incentive for attorneys only to take on cases they believe have merit and can win in court.

The attorney is not paid if a case fails and no compensation is awarded. Clients, however, are still responsible for court and filing fees, police reports, expert witness fees, medical records, and more.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

Most personal injury lawyers, as stated, work on a contingency basis. In this payment arrangement, you will not owe your lawyer a fee unless you receive compensation for your injuries. Typically, attorneys receive 30 to 40 percent of the total settlement offer when the case is over.

However, you and your attorney will agree on a specific percentage in your contract, so it’s important to discuss this upfront. Sometimes a fee expectancy might be higher for more complex cases as there’s more risk, a possible trial, and time involved.

You should always weigh the hourly costs of an attorney versus contingency fee costs in the event contingency costs might be higher due to the type of case. Consult our attorneys to learn about contingency fees and possible expenses related to your situation: (702) 935-4144.

Will My Injury Case Go to Trial?

More than 95 percent of personal injury cases typically settle before trial. There generally are two approaches to a personal injury lawsuit—an insurance company offers a settlement, or a victim of an accident pursues a lawsuit to seek fair compensation.

Trials are expensive, and typically both parties try to avoid them. The cases that go to court likely disagree on who is responsible for the accident, or both parties disagree on the claim’s value. Attorneys can help minimize disputes and reach a settlement quicker through aggressive action and mediation.

When Should I Contact a Personal Injury Attorney?

There are many variables involved in a personal injury claim. An attorney can help gather information, and witnesses, review medical records, and file the necessary documentation to build a case in your defense. From the start, an attorney will ensure your lawsuit is on the right track.

An attorney will help value your personal injury claim and seek compensation and damages on your behalf to avoid a lesser settlement from your insurance company that will not likely cover your expenses or any future lost wages.

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