Las Vegas, NV
Mrs. Fuller is by far the best lawyer I have ever had the pleasure to meet; she is compassionate, kind, and well versed in her career field. I hired her after being denied Social Security Disability (SSD). She was very knowledgeable about the appeals process and explained it in detail when I retained her, what she intended to do, how she intended to do it, as well as what was expected of me to ensure my appeal would be a success. One of the things that I appreciated most was the fact she told me it was a LONG process from the get go, knowing this helped me to manage my anxiety and continue with my life while waiting on Social Security to make a decision. Lo and behold Mrs. Fuller was correct, SSD took its sweet time, after 3 denial letters, several phone calls from Mrs. Fuller to Social Security, many doctor appointments on my part, it happed just as Mrs. Fuller explained it would, we received a letter stating if we wanted to appeal the case further we would have to make a court appearance. That’s when Mrs. Fuller really started to shine, from the moment we walked into the courtroom she was a bulldog and dominated the courtroom with both a polite and fierce demeanor. Within 12 minutes (that’s not an exaggeration) the court date was over and the judge ruled “fully favorable” for my case. I believe this outcome is directly due to the extra time and work Mrs. Fuller put into my case, and when the time comes for me to be reevaluated I will seek her guidance once again.