Las Vegas, NV
My husband and I hired Rebecca Fuller mid "fight" with a very chaotic and messy case. It is such a mess and so convoluted, we expected her to not take it. However, she took this case without hesitation and dove in head first without a second thought. She has been there to answer any and all questions we had both via email or call, and helped ease our minds when we would panic. She has been beyond responsive, and beyond what we expected. Even during COVID-19, she is there doing everything she can for us as her clients, and the children involved. She is absolutely amazing and am so thankful she took our case. We will admit she is more expensive than previous attorney's, but she is worth every single penny. I read previous reviews about being a dad and not hiring her - and maybe something has changed from the date of those posts to now, but my husband is a dad and her main client and she is simply wonderful! If you need an attorney, I personally highly recommend her!